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overindulge v : overeat or eat immodestly; make a pig of oneself; "She stuffed herself at the dinner"; "The kids binged on icecream" [syn: gorge, ingurgitate, glut, englut, stuff, engorge, overgorge, overeat, gormandize, gormandise, gourmandize, binge, pig out, satiate, scarf out]

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  1. To indulge to excess.

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carry to excess, carry too far, exaggerate, exhaust, go overboard, go the limit, go to extremes, go too far, go whole hog, know no bounds, overact, overcarry, overdevelop, overdo, overdrive, overeat, overelaborate, overemphasize, overexercise, overexert, overexpend, overgorge, overlabor, overplay, overreact, overspend, overstrain, overstress, overstudy, overtask, overtax, overtrain, overuse, overwork, pass all bounds, protest too much
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